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Frequently Asked Questions about Pool Guard and Pool Safety.

If you don't find your questions answered here, please contact us directly.

Why should I get a self closing, self latching and lockable gate with my pool safety fence system?
Every time you enter or leave your pool it will be secure and you can key lock it to keep anyone from entering.

Are the safety gates color matching with the pool safety fence?
Yes, the gates are color matching but the Magna latch is always Black.

What kind of latch is on the pool safety gate?
The industry leader is the Magna Latch which is the one Pool Guard uses on its gates.

How many keys come with my safety gate?
You receive 2 keys with the gate and more can be cut at your local hardware store.

What colors do you offer for pool safety fence?
The most popular colors are Black and Bronze because they tend to be the most transparent to the human eye and show less dust. Beige, White and other colors are available upon request.

Can a pool safety fence be installed into wood decks around the pool?
Yes, sometimes some extra blocking needs to be installed to give it the stability needed.

Can pool safety fence be installed in the ground instead of the concrete going around the pool? They are best installed in the concrete but when needed they can be installed in the ground. A ground stake installation is required which does add to the cost of the fence.

Are they removable?
The pool fence is removable by adults only. Sections can be removed for a gathering and reinstalled after, or taken down after they are no longer needed.

What kind of warranty is provided with my pool safety fence system?
Poll Guard fences are backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty against manufacturer defects. If the event of a large storm it is highly suggested to take them down and store away until after its has past.

What heights are offered for the pool safety fence systems?
The normal height for building code and insurance is 48 inches but 3 foot ant 5 foot heights are availably at an extra cost.

How do I maintain my pool safety fence?
A simple light washing down will keep the fence clean and spray the stainless steel safety latches yearly with a lubricant to keep them functioning like new.

How long does it take for the actual installation of the pool safety fence around my pool?
It may take from 3 to 5 hours for a proper installation and clean up after completion. We take pride in making sure the installation is safe, attractive and area is clean when done.

How long will it take to remove the pool safety fence in the event that we want to take it down?
Depending on the size its as easy as undoing the safety latches and rolling up. 30 minutes on the average.

How long does it take from the time I order a pool safety fence to have it installed?
Depending on the time of year it could be from 3 to 10 days. The installers will work with as best they can to meet your needs.

Can I use pool safety fence to keep my pets out of the swimming pool?
The fences are a great deterrent to keeping pets out off the pool. We suggest bring you pet out when its first installed and walking it around so its familiar with it and from then on there should be no issues. Understand that if it’s a more aggressive pet and it doges damage the mess its not considered normal wear and tear.

Why buy a Pool Net?
Pool Guard Safety Nets offer you two options, pool nets and safety pool fences. Given the correct information, customers can make the choice best suited to their need for safety. The Net has some unique options. The first of course is complete safety when properly installed. Second, you will not compromise your view, i.e. golf courses, bays, rivers, woods etc. Third there are many pools the net may be the only option. Negative edge pools, rock decorations, waterfalls, most large pools built in the last five years are sometimes without a deck area that extends around the pool. There are several applications available, Pool Guard Pool Net Inc. will explain your options and help you decide which product will give you the best protection for your pool area.

What happens if a child falls or attempts to walk on my Pool Net?
Should a child fall or walk on the pool net, it will support them. Always maintain proper tension and make sure the pool net is in good condition. The weave of the pool net's mesh will allow the child to recover and crawl back to the pool deck. The net size will not allow a child to reach the water, and make it difficult for them to walk on the pool net. They are soon discouraged from doing so, due largely to the design of a net, not being on a solid surface.

How strong is a pool net?
The mesh is manufactured on a strong high density polyethylene. ASTM requires all pool nets and covers to support 485 lbs. Pool Guard Safety Net Inc mesh complies with this standard and has been tested to 500 lbs of pressure

How easily can I replace or remove my pool net?
We provide a step by step guide that will enable you to remove the net and roll it up for storage - usually 10 minutes to remove - and 10 minutes to re-install using the step by step guide

Can I operate the tensioning system?
Pool Guard Safety Nets uses a series of pulleys, located in the center of the net, which is pulled together with a control line, using a ratchet pulley that is capable of pulling 350 lbs with very little effort. This system will place enough tension to tighten the net to hold 485 lbs of weight.

How is the pool net secured to my pool deck?
Pool Guard Safety Net uses a flush mounted anchor that is virtually invisible should the net be removed. These anchors remain so re-installation is easily accomplished

Can a small child remove the pool net?
When the pool net is properly tensioned and the ratchet pulley is removed, the net is difficult to remove the clips that secure the to the pool deck. There is a good deal of pressure on them.

Will the Pool Net allow the use of a Pool Vacuum?
Yes. The pool net is suspended above the pool's water when proper tension is applied. There are some applications where tech pool has a negative edge and requires the pool net to be stretched over the area, this may effect the pool vacuum.

Our pool has a difficult design.
Pool Guard Safety Net, Inc can accommodate all shapes and sizes of pools. We have installed many difficult shapes and with great success and always with safety in mind, should we be unable to cover the pool we can install a safety fence - we offer both options.

Will the pool net spoil my view or interfere with any rock features or waterfalls?
Pool Guard Safety Nets do not restrict your view and allows you to see your pool area, as to not interfere with your rock design or waterfall. The pool net will accommodate difficult pool designs. Pool Nets can be installed regardless of:

  • ponds
  • fish ponds
  • rock gardens
  • pools with waterfalls
  • negative edge pools
  • and much more